The Wedding Day

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The day before we were to be married, we went to the Courthouse to get our wedding license. Doyale and I and Mama and Daddy. My Parents had to go because I was only 16, they had to sign to say they agreed to let me marry Doyale.

Doyale didn’t have enough money to buy the license. We had never done this before so we didn’t know what the cost was. Doyale was $1 short. The license was $3. Daddy loaned Doyale the $1. But Doyale paid him back when he got his next check, which was that evening. He went and picked up his check from the Texaco station, went and cashed it and got change to pay the Preacher, Bro. Simpson.

Bro. Simpson didn’t want anything for marrying us. He said my Mama and Daddy had been faithful to God by being faithful in their service, tithes and offerings to our church. And they had been a real blessing to not only the church, but to him and his family. And he wanted to now bless their kids. Doyale insisted that Bro. Simpson take the money. Said a workman was worthy of his hire. Bro. Simpson agreed to take the money. So Doyale gave him the $10.

The next day we went to the Assembly of God, our church. We came in the back door of the church, walked down to the altar where Bro. Simpson was waiting on us. Mama, Daddy, Dub (little brother) and Peggy (little sister) were the only ones there.

Mama had made my wedding dress. It was lavender with white polka dot Swiss material. It was beautiful. Every stitch was hand stitched by my Mother. Material and supplies paid for by my Daddy’s hard earned money. I wore white ballerina shoes and a little silk flower capping pinned in my hair with a couple of bobby-pins.

Doyale wore his only pair of grey dress pants, white button up shirt, no tie, grey gaberdine zip up jacket, black patent leather tied shoes and a black belt. He looked spiffy!

We stood at the altar, Doyale’s Parents weren’t there. Mama and Daddy stood behind us both as a way of saying they supported us. Dub and Peggy stood kind of out in front of us. I suppose they would have been the ring bearer and flower girl of today. We said our vowels and our I do’s.

Our Church was in revival that week, so we went back to our “new” one bedroom house, it was across from Nickel’s Payless Store on Farmersville Blvd. We changed out of our wedding clothes, put our church clothes on and went back to church. I lead song service that night. I thought real hard about leading the song, “Love lifted Me”, but I thought Doyale and Daddy both would have whipped me. I knew my Mama would have. So I lead “I’ll Fly Away” instead.

We went home after service that night, got up the next morning and went back to church, we had made the decision (though we seen no other option), We were going to start off our marriage in church. Doyale put our tithes in the offering plate for the first time as a couple. He would continue to do so every Sunday for the next 45 years. Doyale passed away on March 13, 1999 almost 46 years to the day we got married (March 14, 1953). The Sunday prior we had sat in church together at Full Gospel Assembly in Turlock. Doyale had dropped our tithes and offering in the offering bag. I had sang. Nothing much had changed in 45 years. The next Sunday would be a different story and one for another time.

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Kelly Wissert

Very nice story. Great detail and great LOVE!

January 15th, 2015 at 3:34 pm

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