The Proposal

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Doyale and I met in November, not too long before Thanksgiving in 1952.

We were on our way to church one Sunday, just him and I. We were talking about this and that. And he looked over at me and said, “Clora Mae, are you going to get married?” I said, “Yes, someday.” He said, “Well, when?” I said, “When you ask me! But you’ll have to ask Mama and Daddy before I can say yes.” He said, “Ok.”

When we got home my Daddy was in the kitchen. Doyale went in and spent a few minutes in there talking to him. A little while later him and Doyale came out of the kitchen, Daddy said, “I told him you can marry him. But he has to keep a job. You have to get your own house. He has to support you and your family. He said he would, I believe him.” Daddy knew Doyale wasn’t lazy, he had been working at the Texaco station. But Daddy needed to put it on the table so it was up front and in the open.

We found a house, Doyale moved into it and after we were married I moved in. In 45 years of marriage, Doyale never once didn’t have a job. And we never had to move back in with Mama and Daddy (we did live next door to them once). Doyale kept his promise to my Daddy and to me and you kids. Didn’t have all we wanted. And we had some very rough times, but he always provided for us as the Lord showed him what to do. Doyale believed a man ought to work and support his family. I did too. Still do.

Doyale asked me to marry him just a couple of weeks after we had been officially dating. Sometime right after Christmas, we were married 3 months later. He was a good man.

I never did say yes, But I guess after 45 years of marriage and 10 kids later, I’d made my decision. Besides serving Jesus, it was the best decision I ever made.

Thomas Doyale Coates Sr.

Thomas Doyale Coates Sr.

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