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Your Daddy (Thomas Doyale Coates Sr.) came to church one night. We had them old theater type seats, wooden with slats. I would take my jacket off and put it over the back of the seat, so if I got cold I could slip it on my shoulder easily, so I didn’t disrupt service by standing up to put it on.

Well my jacket would start to slip through the slats of the chair, that night your Daddy, your Grandpa Coates and Charles (I think that was your Daddy’s cousin), was sitting behind me. Your Daddy started pulling my jacket through the slats, till he had it through, then he’d put his foot on it and drag it backwards till he had it out. I would try to hang on to it, but he was stronger and he won the tug-a-war.

He’d pick up the jacket and hand it to me. He would say, “Here, you dropped this!” I would snatch it from his hands and say, “Thank you. Now please leave me alone. I don’t want to get in trouble for talking!”

A few minutes later it started all over again. I finally got tired of it about the fourth or fifth time. I turned around and gave him a look and said, “Will you please stop it! I’m going to tell my Daddy if you don’t!” He stopped. After Church him, his Dad and Charles stuck around for fellowship. We got to talking, he wasn’t such a bad guy.

The next day they showed up at Whoolworth, I was a waitress, wasn’t yet the cook. They sat down and I went over to wait on them. I don’t know how they found out I worked there. I didn’t tell him or the other two. But some how they found out. We weren’t allowed to keep tips at that time. I was only 16. But they would have me walk around and refill their coffee, each one would slip coins in my shoes. I had blisters every night from walking on the coins all afternoon.

Every day they would come in, one day Doyale asked me, “Do you work every day?” I told him I did. My family wasn’t rich and every penny helped. “How do you get to work if your Dad goes to work so early and takes the car?” I told him we didn’t own a car. And that my Daddy walked to work. And I took the Orange Belt City Bus everyday. The coins they had given me had came in handy for that. “Can I give you a ride to work each day? I work at the Texaco Station just up the road, I have to come by here everyday anyway at that time.” I thought that would be ok, so I said yes. I got off at 5:00 p.m. and he had to work till 7:00 p.m. So He would take a break at 5:00 p.m. and come pick me up and take me home, so I didn’t have to walk home either.

Asked what her Daddy thought about him giving her a ride?

Well, He didn’t say anything at first. Mainly cause he didn’t know for a long time. But when he found out, he said it was ok. Even though Doyale was older than me. But he kept going to church and was proving himself to be a good man. He would stop by and give me rides to church. After a couple of times of giving me a ride, he asked if my Parents would like to ride, it was cold out and it would be warmer in the car. Faster too. I told him no, they would walk. I thought I was smart, till Doyale told Daddy that he had offered a ride and I told him no.

Your Daddy proved himself to be a good man. He went to church, accepted the Lord into his life. He left one option on the table when we started getting serious. Marriage. There was no other option of moving in together. No option of just dating the rest of our lives. When he realized he wanted to be with me, he asked me to marry him. And he expected the same thing out of the guys you girls married and out of Mike as well. Your Daddy was a great example of a husband and father. I am so glad I said yes. We had our differences. But we loved each other.

Thomas Doyale and Clora Mae were married for 45 years. Thomas passed away on March 13, 1999 at 8:45 p.m. 3 hours and 15 minutes short of a 46 year marriage. Their first date was on December 8, 1952. They married 3 months and 3 weeks later on March 14, 1953.

My Parents: Thomas Sr. & Clora Mae Coates

My Parents: Thomas Sr. & Clora Mae Coates

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