God’s Been Good & I Have Been Blessed

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My Mom holding me, the day I came home from the hospital

My Mom holding me, the day I came home from the hospital

Today is my 38th Birthday. In 38 years I have only spent one birthday apart from my Mom. While most Mom’s may tend to tell their kids the birth story of how they came into the world. My Mom would tell me the story of my name. This is the first year I won’t hear that story from her. And sadly with all the technology at hand, I don’t have it on video.

Every year on my birthday Mom would let me sleep late. She’d start singing Happy Birthday to me the second she heard me coming down the hall. She’d be sitting in her chair, grinning at me. “Happy Birthday Melody!”

While this year is not what I had planned, nor what I had hoped for or prayed for. I would have never thought I would be where I am in life at this age. And that is not a sad statement. God has blessed me abundantly above anything I could ever ask for.

Dad, Melody & Mom

I had wonderful Parents. I could not have asked for better people to raise me, love me unconditionally and show me who Christ was. I was given amazing siblings who have each loved me, cared for me and stepped in when needed, whether asked or not. A lot of times putting me first during hard times to make sure I was ok, their first priority after their own family. I’ll never forget those times.

I have been blessed in my 38 years to have some pretty amazing friends. Friends who made themselves my family by choice and consider me blood. And have made me feel extremely special in ways I can’t express. I am forever grateful that God chose to put them in my life.

I am thankful for 38 years on this earth. For all the blessings of God. For life more abundantly. I don’t know what this next year will bring or even the next few months. But I know without any doubt, that whatever happens, God will be my constant.

Story of my Name:

A few years before I was born, my Parents had two babies a couple years apart that died at birth. When my Mom got pregnant with me, she wanted to name me June (June would be a blessing in my life years later). No real explanation was ever given, other than she just really liked the name. As it got closer to my birth, Mom started pulling away from the name. She said that because they had two babies die within a few years apart, God knew they needed a Melody in their life, so He gave them me. As much as that has went to my head over the years. It was them that God gave to me. I am eternally grateful.

“God’s been good in my life, I’ve been blessed beyond my wildest dreams as I go to sleep each night, Sure I’ve had my share of hard times, by my side He’s always stood, Through it all, God’s been good!”

Coates Family

Thomas & Clora Mae Coates Family

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