First blog!

Hi! My name Western union agent is Ashlynn and I’m (babyy) hehe. We are here to tell you about our lives as we go threw theses next few months, about growing in my mommy’s belly, the things that I myself go threw and tons of other experiences. My aunt Lolly set this page up for me, I plan to use it just about everyday, or as much as I possibly can! We will post pictures of us, tell you about the baby shower how big im getting everything. I’m so excited about this.

Well right now my baby is 3 inches long he/she  weighs only an once!

At the end of the second trimester he/she will weigh close to TWO pounds and be a foot long!

It’s so exciting.

Right now I’m in the “honeymoon stage”. You can offically see my baby bump. It’s big too..hehe. My baby its having muscle development. He/she winces and makes sucking motions with its mouth.

Thats what my baby is up too right about now!

Lolly has taken it upon herself to name the baby peppermint too! Long story but its a great one!